The Lost Civilization of the North

For two years in the beginning of the 1990s I had a weekly page in a Norwegian Sunday newspaper, where I at one point ran a series of articles on Atlantis. This led me to being contacted and informed about the Storyteller Ior Bock in Finland. Ior Bock, they said, through an ancient and unbroken lineage of storytellers going all the way back to heathen times, told of Atlantis as closely associated with an ancient and now otherwise largely forgotten Norse world. This was not only intriguing, it also flew straight in the face of everything we thought we knew about our “savage and pagan past.”

However, I became very interested, and slowly but surely also closely involved with Ior Bock and his Bock Saga. I published my first book on the subject in 2002 (in Norwegian), in which I tried to bridge this strange Saga with other more hidden aspects of European history. But it was in 2006, with the publication of Felice Vinci’s The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales, that the actual existence of an ancient Norse high culture started becoming historically more directly understandable, as well as more directly provable.

After my initial successful identification of the Sun-god Hyperion’s island of Thrinacia as an other island in Lofoten than the one Felice Vinci had identified, and the appearance of a book by Iman Jacob Wilkens presenting a different non-Mediterranean view of the route of Odysseus than Vinci’s, I set out to rethink the whole thing myself. This led to the beginning of a new understanding of the whereabouts of the World of Homer, which I presented in the first part of The Homer Code. Later, however, when I researched the route of Jason and the Argonauts (in light of the newly found Geography of Homer) for my next book Atlantis Unveiled (that title is now retired), I discovered that I also had to adjust a little of Homer’s geography in light of the route of Jason.

There was also one part of this ancient geography which I had left to Vinci’s findings as I concentrated my research on the route of Odysseus, and that was the implications of the route of Odysseus’ son Telemachus, when he sailed out to ask for news about his father. As I looked again into this I realized that the ancient geography of both Denmark and Southern Norway was rather different from what Vinci had found, and needed to be adjusted accordingly.

A further revising of the Catalog of Ships came through sudden new discoveries in July 2015, and was then published in The Lost Civilization of the North. With all the discoveries presented in that book, what had been accomplished is not just a most plausible relocation of Odysseus’ and Jason’s voyages in the North, but also the discovery of an interlocking logic which simply proves, way beyond reasonable doubt, that the origin of the tales of Greek Mythology actually was in the High North.

The Lost Civilization of the North contains all my relevant previous material pertaining to the localization of the voyages of Odysseus and Jason in the North, collected and updated with the latest details and realizations in this ongoing discovery.
It is a discovery, and not a theory, because it proves itself by its inner logic. It proves that the only geography actually fitting the World of Homer, and Apollonius of Rhodes, is in the North of Europe. I also discovered through this that not only Ancient Greece, but also Ancient Egypt, as well as part of Genesis, show undeniable signs of deep and early influence from the High North.

This lost civilization in Northern Europe is, of course, absent from the History books. It did exist, however, just like the late Ior Bock used to say it did. Initially to my utmost disbelief, but now it is provably so, as far as I can tell.
Implying that just like the Roman mythology came out of the Greek, the Greek mythology came out of the Norse. Implying also that Ior Bock and his ancient lineage of storytellers were telling the truth. Not only about Asgard and the Ancient Norse culture of the Aser, but also about Balder’s Temple and what it contains. As told in The Mysteries of Balder’s Temple.

Implying yet again that the ancient Norse Pagan World which was destroyed by Christianity only a thousand years ago, was none other than the mysterious lost civilization where both the ancient Greek and the ancient Egyptian civilizations had their cultural origin. And that this very fact has not only been deliberately forgotten, but is still actively suppressed today. As demonstrated by the life and fate of Ior Bock, and his struggle to reinform us about our own forgotten past. Which ended with mission not accomplished, as Ior ended up paralyzed from an attempted knife murder in 1999, robbed in 2000, and murdered with a knife in 2010.

All because the gold which Ior Bock’s forebears told to be hidden in the Blue Mountain in Gumbostrand, is actually there (told of as Troll’s Gold in the Blue Mountain in old Norwegian fairy tales). And seen and understood to be there by anyone realizing that the world Ior Bock told of, and the Lost Civilization of the North, are actually one and the same. Our very own involuntarily forgotten past.

The Book is available from Amazon, the eBook from Gumroad.

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