The Great Pyramid Timeline


It can be said about the Great Pyramid that nobody would believe it ever existed, if it wasn’t for the strange fact that it is actually there. The Message from the Great Pyramid is also that of being something we might not ever think possible, if the Great Pyramid had not been there to tell us about it. And it’s neither something we would necessarily ever hear about, even if some among us may have known it all along.

When reviewing this whole decoding process it has emerged that the Great Pyramid looks back at events around the end of the Ice Ages, in order to tell people specifically in our time around 2000 AD, about something likely to show up in our future.
Something we must try to understand, and protect us from. Either physically underground, or by transcending Earth altogether. As in regaining our lost enlightenment and then go reincarnating somewhere else. In order not to risk being stuck on Earth indefinitely, because of the tumultuous times coming.

So instead of continuing in amnesia, neither remembering past existence nor understanding that we are eternal beings, all caused by the previous crashes of the kind that the Great Pyramid warns us about, we now need to Awaken to something we haven’t really known about ourselves for thousands of years.

The Great Pyramid has many times been pointed out to be a clear symbolic representation of the Earth. And as there is an ancient rumor that the Great Pyramid contains sacred knowledge and wisdom, I found it logical that if there should be any meaning in a Great Pyramid Timeline, stretching from the deep past and into the future, it would have to be based on the ancient science of astrology. Both because we know that the ancient Egyptians were great astronomers, and because ancient astronomy included astrology. So the ancient Egyptians were great astrologers too.

Not the kind of astrology you find in the magazines, with predictions for the day or the week or whatever. And not the kind of astrology practiced by those who will try to predict your future.

But the kind of astrology more like the ancients had, including what we often call astro-archaeology, or archaeo-astronomy. Or even better, archaeo-astrology! Because if we don’t include the rich and ancient world of symbols and archetypes, of which there is so much handed down to us, and into which it is possible to venture, then how can we expect to understand the ancients at all, when we know for a fact that astrology was central for their modus operandi?

What I initially wanted with this investigation, was to see if that could actually be the case; that the Great Pyramid Timeline was based on the ancient science of astrology. And if so, to find out more about what that would actually mean.

The short answer to which turned out to be in the affirmative. And the Great Pyramid’s Message is not only directed towards us living now, it even reaches directly into modern day global politics. And into the lives of every one of us humans, as it is specifically designed to help us awaken.

The long answer, of course, is what has now become this book. And I must admit I am humbled by the meeting with the intelligence behind the Great Pyramid. And deeply honored to have been chosen and guided to decode it. As I see now that I have lived all my life to be able to give you this message.

The Great Pyramid Timeline

Pre Writing Foreword 7
Post Writing Foreword 8

Part 1: Fall into Mortality 13
A Dog, a Swan, and a Message 15
The Aim of the Archer 18
The Ennead of Dendera 20
Celestial Mechanics 28
The Star of the Magi 33
Solar Superstorms 45
The Mystery of Death 50
The Ancient Science of the Mind 55
Identifying ba, ka, and akh 60
Seth and the Presence of Evil 64
The Ghost in the Fractured Trinity 70
Astrological Triplicities 73
The Great Pyramid’s Architect 80
Blueprint for a Galactic Rescue Mission 87

Part 2: Plan to Escape 89
The Great Pyramid Timeline 91
Going Galactic 104
Plan to Escape 112

Part 3: Falling through History 119
Adam & Eve, and the Sumerian King List 121
Broken Hill Skull 126
Velikovsky’s Venus ReVisited 136
Galactic Outer Planet Graph & Precession 139
Osiris 146
Exodus 1455 BC? 150
God and the Great Pyramid 158
The Virgin and the Great Red Dragon 176
Towards Jerusalem 191
The Great Split of AD 70 198
Mysteries of Times and Places 210
Ley-Lines of the Ancient Sun-god 222
Ghostly and Oblivious 240
King Arthur and the Crusades 242
Notre-Dame de Chartres 246

Part 4: Return from the Dead 255
The Chamber of the Triple Veil 257
Through the Veil 262
Time of Awakening 270
The Chamber of the Open Tomb 276
The Message 280
Horus and Seth at the End of Time 288
Afterthought 296
Cosmic Rules 297
Further Research 298

Appendix 1 Imhotep’s Progressions 1950 – 2050 AD 301
Appendix 2 Imhotep’s Progressions 1950 – 2050 AD 327
Bibliography 340
Index 349

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