The Bock Saga
A Genuine Bottled Message, directly from our Forgotten Pagan Past,
The Lost Civilization of the North.

I first met Ior Bock on 2 October 1993 when he sailed with Helga from Hel to Sveaborg and told from its 18th century history. Afterwards we went  to Ior’s house in Gumbostrand where we had sauna and talked, and I made my first recording of Ior Bock on the 4th. In what he called Root language, which is what we call Finnish-Swedish today, spoken in Hel and along the Finnish coast. It is a dialect of Nordic Language, together with Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. We can all understand Root very well, and if listening we may well start to realize that the Lost Civilization was our own forgotten Norse past.

In this film that first sound recording was put on top of the pictures from the trip to Sveaborg, from two days before.
Later Ior spoke mostly English on my recordings, until the last one I made of him, 15 years later, on 13 November 2008. Which was again in Root, and in a way continued where the first recording had left off.

There Ior made it clear that he and his line of storytellers had the one mission of telling about the ancient Norse culture, which was otherwise lost and erased from living memory, and to prove their words by pointing out three places where to find ancient buried treasure.

In spite of the suppression of all potential evidence, however, it has been proven repeatedly that Ior Bock spoke the truth. That is also my sole impression, from the years when it emerged that we had been friends, and will remain friends, forever.


In Memory of Ior Bock
Who was there to help us remember some of our incredible Norse past.

Ior Bock berättar

I 2008 meddelade arkeologer att de, i samband med utgrävningar på Slottsmalmen invid Raseborgs slott och i Snappertuna kyrkby, hade lokaliserat den mytomspunna Tuna stan. Enligt arkeologerna är fynden som är gjort många och ovanliga för finländska förhållanden. Fynden tyder på medeltida handelsplats, alltså något mer än ett vanligt bondsamhälle.

Ior Bock tog utgångspunkt i detta meddelandet då han i november 2008 berättade om Raseborg, gamla Tuna stan, åtta pallar till Valhalla hellen, ock mycke annat från gammal tid. Detta blev också en fortsätning på berättelser från 1993 om sauna och andra av den gamla arktiska naturens rikedomar.


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